Nordic Garrison Command Team

While all members of Nordic Garrison are of equal value, there are a number of administrative jobs that must be handled by specific people. The command team help keep Nordic Garrison functioning like the well-oiled machine it is.

If you wish to contact us for any reason, then please use the links below or the Contact form at the bottom of this page..

Commanding Officer

19784/ Alexander Arvidsson
Contact me with any general Nordic Garrison questions. Who we are, what we do, feedback about our events and troopers and so on.

Executive Officer

4492 / Johanna Nybelius
Contact me about events spanning multiple countries.

Garrison Membership Liaison

17113 / Andreas Sørensen
Contact me if you wish to join Nordic Garrison, have a new costume approved or ask a question about our costumes.

7959Public Relations Officer

7959/ Henrik Pilerud
Handles our public image, manages our Facebook group and keeps in contact with the media regarding our work.