We could never do what we do without you guys!!!


Our wonderful supporters help us with a lot of things, here are some of them:

  • Dressers. Our costumes are often very hard to get into (and also out of). We need help getting some parts on, and also to check that we look as good as possible.
  • Photo stand crew. Our visitors can often have a photo taken with us. Our supporters man the camera, print the photos and collect Money for it.
  • Security during parades. Some of our costumes has very limited view of sight. Our supporters help us making sure no one steps in front of us during parades. Sometimes, not very often, there are people trying to trip us just for fun, and our supporters help us with this as well.
  • Trooper medics. Many of our costumes are extremely hot to wear. Our supporters make sure we remember to drink enough, and if someone get too hot and needs help, they are there for us.
  • Info crew. Our supporters also answers all and any questions you might have abour our club, our costumes or Star Wars in general.

Our gratitude never ends!!!