Warning: doopydoos not delivering items

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Warning: doopydoos not delivering items

Post by Overweighttrooper »

Hi... I have no interest in promoting any websites.

Back in early december I order the E11 kit from doopydoos on account of forum posts various places.
They write they will dispatch stocked items immediately.
All I got was a confirmation of order and a paypal receit. Went into waiting mode. Since saturday I wrote them two emails and tried calling them twice. They didnt respond to either.

Two days ago I escalated paypal to a dispute.

And today I decided to write on their Facebook page.
After posting I saw another guy had posted as well 9 hours earlier. He had the same problem, only... he had waited since october.

So either Doopydoos are bankrupt or have turned scammer. Just dont waste your money buying from them...

Dont know where else to buy if you dont want sheppertons.

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Re: Warning: doopydoos not delivering items

Post by 5573 »

I know DD have been behind on orders and are known for their terrible communication. He’s been a good supplier for a long time. He is also just one person. I heard that he has now stopped taking orders to get caught up so, hopefully, this is just a blip rather than a total failure.

In the meantime there are some very nice 3d prints coming through.

Good luck. I hope you get your blaster or money bavk :)
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