Introducing Nordic Legions Reel Icons

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Introducing Nordic Legions Reel Icons

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Warm summer greetings troopers!

Or maybe rainy greetings, at least here in the south of Sweden...

Today I would like to inform you all about a new 'sub-group' within the Nordic Legions, the Reel Icons. It's an idea that originated in the UK and Henrik Pilerud has been working on getting this set up here in the nordics as well. It's a way for us to not only use Star Wars characters at events, but also other characters such as Batman, aliens, the Dal Brothers (I want to be Brumund) etc.

So, without further hesitation I present here the Reel Icons presentation, scope and setup as written by Henrik Pilerud.

Best regards,

Reel Icons in Nordic Legions

We are trying something new! Not actually new, but new for us. It is called Reel Icons. Some of you might have heard about it. Let’s start with the Idea behind
Reel Icons. Reel Icons has been a part of the UG Garrison since 2004. This is how they describe it themselves:

“Reel Icons is the Movie & TV section of the UK Garrison. The UKG consists of the UK 501st detachment, the Rebel Command and Reel
Icons itself. Together they make the UK's biggest costume group.

Reel Icons was formed in 2004 as a home for 501st UK Garrison members with non-Star Wars related costumes. Quickly it grew and is now
the largest film, TV and comics costuming organization in the UK. Within Reel Icons, we have Stargaters, Superheros, Gorilla Soldiers...Not
just people dressed up as them!

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the movie industry, and have added "colour" to many marketing and promotional activities
for companies such as Disney, Lego and Lucasfilm.

However, we also are very proud of our charity work.

Reel Icons is entirely made up from volunteers and is a wholly not-for-profit organisation. If we are requested to attend an event that is corporate,
marketing, promotional or any other type of commercial event that does not in itself benefit a charity then we ask for a donation to be made to
the Reel Icons. 100% of this money will then be divided amongst the various charities that the UKG supports.

If it is a non-commercial event that will benefit a charity, school, hospital or those in need in some way then we do not ask for a donation.
We will just turn up on the day and help to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike.

Companies including but not limited to Disney and Lucasfilm have been extremely gracious in allowing us to operate using their Intellectual Property
in order to raise funds for our communities and charities. It allows us to enjoy this hobby to it’s full extent, whilst raising money for worthy causes.”

So, The UK Garrison is basically divided into three parts, or sister organizations, parallel to each other: 501st, Rebel Legion and Reel Icons. We in
NG also have a tight connection between 501st and Rebel Legion, but perhaps not quite as close as in the UKG. However I believe we are moving
closer and closer.

See here how they promote it:

I watched the UKG at MCM London Comic Con last October and saw how well organized they were and that is when I first found out about Reel Icons.
Many of the troopers had multiple costumes with them. There were of course mostly Star Wars, but also xenomorphs, colonial marines, The Joker, Batman,
Black Widow, Freddys and Jasons and apes and more. All with the same high quality that is the trademark of the 501st & Rebel Legion.

My thought then was that as long as I have been part of NG, we also have had people bring other great costumes to events (Ghostbusters, Iron Man, batman,
Spiderman…), but only as a “bonus” and not organized and part of what we do to collect money for charity. So, this is what I want to change. I want all those
“extra” costumes to be a part of what we do, just like the UKG has done for many years with great success. And since UKG already had an idea, an organization
and a name, I asked them if we could start a Nordic branch of Reel-Icons. Gary Hailes, the UKG CO, liked the idea and has helped me with info. (The document
that has been presented to you is based on that info.)

I see several benefits in this: We can increase in numbers, we can do more types of events, and we can collect more money and help more people.


At exhibitions/conventions we can add another photo area to the stand, or mix with Star Wars and other characters every other hour. We can add more
blast-a-trooper-type of activities based on other films/TV/game characters and situations to our stand. In that way we can attract more visitors to our stand, and
bring in more money.

We can do more company events, parties and visits when we have a wider range of costumes in our organization, and reach more people.

We already have members that have other costumes of great quality that could become RI members. But we can also reach many non-Star Wars costumers that
have costumes of great quality. And that way increase our numbers greatly.

More members + more possible events = more money collected and more joy spread to our fellow human beings.

High quality costumes will of course always be a requirement. And I suggest 18 years of age also should be required. With something similar to the 501st youngling

So, after being discussed in the council, it has been decided to test this for a year. We have just started working with the practical stuff like websites and similar, and
the work will continue with probably the first involvement in an event sometime this autumn. If you have a costume already, you can start working on submissions
and be ready to send them in as soon we are ready.

I, Henrik Pilerud, have been appointed Reel Icons Garrison Membership Liaison. I will need a deputy. And as soon as we have a few starting members we will set up
the panel as described in the document in the link.

Here is a document describing the basics of how Reel Icons is run, this is an internal document and the website will have a public version of this: ... oposal.pdf

Henrik Pilerud, RIGML


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