Imperial Royal Guard ROTJ build...

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Imperial Royal Guard ROTJ build...

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So here we go...

After many years i have decided to Re-build my Royal Guard costume since my last one got ruined.
So the first order of buissness i want to get cleared away, is the helmet.

I am afraid to get burned, and i really want to know from where or who it is safe to buy a 501'st approvable

I have read alot of post's of people buying a helmet of ebay and the quality is horrible. The helmet i used to have was an old
Don Post helmet, bought in 1999 - 2000 ish. (cant remember exactly) And i want the same quality as that one.

Anyone know where i should start. I have posted this post in the forcepike forum as well.

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Re: Imperial Royal Guard ROTJ build...

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Pm is on it´s way... there is a new maker in Germany... ;-)
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