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Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 06 Jan 2015, 00:59
by MisjoDK
Hello all.

Im hoping for a bit of do's and dont's regarding building a costume.

A little about me.
Like many others i've allways wanted to own a Star Wars costume. I have seen the 501st on many occasion, and it always looked so cool and fun.
Not to mentions seeing the kids eyes light up when they recognise a character. or the envy of the parents :)
Anywho... previosly i have always convinced myself that building/owning a costume was too hard or too expensive. But this year im throwing causion to the wind..

so what costume to build ??
After several days of research and a lot of hours on the internet i was beginning to doubt myself again...

first i looked at Dart Vader, but realising that 30k dkr. maybe was a bit too much for my (hopefully) first project.
So i tried to narrow down what i wanted out of the project.
I wanted to do most of the costume myself.
And since i have no prior experience in this field, it should be affordable if decide to scrap the project.
The costume should also provide a bit of a challence.

Back to the internet.
Both the SnowTrooper and the SandTrooper looked Promising. But since im a big guy both in height and girth, i was worried the armour would not fit.
So i decided against those.

I know this post is getting a bit long for my first post. But i have finally decided to build a Tusken Raider.
With a Tusken Raider i hope to spend many hours putting it together.
And since most of the costume can be handmade i can spread the cost.
i can make my own mask or buy a kit.

I went out today and bought some cloth. Going to start with the boots :)

I sincerly hope this will be a fun project.
And wheter or not the final costume will be 501st worthy, at this point i can only hope :)

Best regards

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 06 Jan 2015, 06:57
by SL-8614

Good choice of costume for a first one, I don't think Denmark has any tuskens. Where are you from? I have done some research for tuskens perhaps I can help a bit?

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 06 Jan 2015, 06:59
by 10413
Hi Henrik and welcome to the forum

Well, you came to the right place - we have a couple of Tusken members and it is one of the dual costumes, so you can go for membership in both the 501st. and the Rebel Legion with that.

If you haven´t done so already, do register over at the Krayt Detachment, which is a forum, that holds all about the Tusken costume - here is a link : - there is some variants to, how to make it. You can see, which requirements are needed for them here :

Have fun with the build and do ask, if you´re having questions or need advice on things, both here and on the Krayt Detachment.

Again, welcome ;)

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 06 Jan 2015, 10:50
by 11101
Welcome! Very good choice (tusk) We need more of them :-)
Krayt Clan is a good starting point. You will get all the information you need there. It's a fun build. I enjoyed it a lot. And if you can do a lot by yourself, you can save money.
We want to see a lot of picture of your progress here :-) If you have any questions just ask.

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 06 Jan 2015, 23:29
by MisjoDK
thanks for the warm welcome :)

@SL-8614 i live in Værløse- And any help is much appriciated. My own reseach is becomming a bit overwhelming. I have like 50 tabs open i my browser.
I need to organize a bit :)

So here is the first little progress report.

I went to the lokal Stof2000 and looked for material for the bandages. I went with linnen (Hør) because i think they have i nice tattered look when they are ripped.
Back home i ripped the linnen into long strips. And then theres the whole business with the weathering.. that worries me the most.
I have read about many ways to weathering the cloth but in decided to try the tea and coffee approch since it was the easiest.

I soaked the strips in a very strong brew of tea and coffee. and let it simmer for about half and hour. then hang them to dry overnight.
Not too happy with the result. They only turned out somewhat darker and greener. Not with the stains and darker spots i was hoping for.
Well more weathering must come later. On With gluing :)

I had some old retired biker boots i chose to use for this purpose. They are well worn and comfortable to wear. Only problem is the large velco lockflap, but i think its manageable.
I am hotgluing the bandages on. Maybe not the optimum choice, but it was already in stock :)
so far it is going very well i think.

Best regards

Ps. Heres some progress pictures.

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 07 Jan 2015, 05:21
by BH-11380
Looking great start there! If you are still without Tusken mask, I have few vac forms for sale, PM me if you are in need!

And, you might want to use E6000 glue for the boots instead of hotglue. Even though hotglue is easy to use, and readily available, it will break in cold weather and melt in hot weather... E6000 can be bought from Eaby for about 8e per tube, and used on leather, plastic, fabrics, wood and nearly everything else too. Commonly known as 'Trooper Glue' as it is used to put stormtroopers etc together..

Here is one ebay shop for you ... 1c41d33985

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 07 Jan 2015, 07:35
by 30502
For the underside of the boots use something good called shoegoo. This stuff protects your fabric and is good for a sole.

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 07 Jan 2015, 07:55
by 4492
If you want stains and uneven weathering, try using a pot that's too small and throw in a couple of teabags as well. The teabags will give spots where they come in direct contact with the fabric. Tea and coffee will never give a brown colour though, you get a darker shade and a worn look, you don't really change the fabric.

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 07 Jan 2015, 22:30
by MisjoDK
thanks for all the great response and advices :)

About the mask im not sure yet. might go all out and get the Godzilla one.
You have a great point about the glue i didnt consider. I read other forum where they hot glued the bandages but i failed to consider the shifting scandinavian climate.
Well they are nearly complete, so think ill keep at it and see how they fare.
If not i will redo them and write the experience under the the tab "Leason learned" :)

Is it correct that the shoe goo will make a kind clear sole ? Kinda like a rubber protection under the shoe ?

I actually had some teabags in the with the brew. But i think that since it was my first attempt i was either too impatient or afraid to ruin the lot.
in hindsight i should have testet some more before i went ahead and "dyed" the whole lot. Another leason learned.
the boots is almost done i will try and apply some "after effects" Any tips on that part ? :)

Best regards

Re: Newbie costume builder signing in..

Posted: 08 Jan 2015, 07:38
by 30502
Yes, that's correct, it's what I have used in my tusken