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E-11 advice needed

Posted: 12 Apr 2015, 20:07
by 24269
So in order to keep improving I need a blaster of course (Can't aim for EIB without it after all).

So I am looking at the THG one which seems to be getting good feedback. ... ome_feat_2

The question though is resin or the slightly more expensive rubber? Pros and cons?

Re: E-11 advice needed

Posted: 13 Apr 2015, 07:56
by 99995
I have a Doopy Doo's E11 (I bought 4 of their full kits and builded them with a friend).
I only have tried one of members rubber E11, so experience with these is limited.

Still, my here is my point of view.

+ Doesn't break that easily.
- Heavier than resin one.
- Doesn't have small details.

+ Lighter than rubber one.
+ Small details look better if the cast had them.
- Have to handle more carefully.