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Noob makin palpatine(episode VI) need help

Posted: 23 Aug 2015, 23:29
by Niglett
hey, i have never made a cosplay before. I always wanted to do a star wars cosplay and a really stupid joke ( made me want to cosplay palpatine (palp). And after seeing all the amazing star wars suits and cosplays on torucon 2015 i really want to kick myself to start making a cosplay of my own.

I could really use some help with it, like where i can buy stuff to make the robe and if anyone would be so kind maybe even help me with how not to mess everything up cus i probably need it xD

i was thinking of just buying the cloth and try to sew the big charcoal black myself, and maybe try finding the grey robe he has under the black robe. someplace on the internet.
For the face i tried finding latex/rubber "masks" that you glue on your face, but the closest thing i found was like witch mask's. I might have to sattisfy for less then i would prefer. I also find a mask that seemed really great but im not too sure about it, since its pretty expencive and i dont know if the webside is something i can trust ( ... sks/994196).

i could probably write more cus i probably need more help then what i have asked for so far, and im sorry if i expect way to much xD well thank for whatever help i can get and have a nice day ^^

Re: Noob makin palpatine(episode VI) need help

Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 08:30
by 3893
PM inbound!