2 RG's looking for suitable velvet, doesn't exist in Iceland

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2 RG's looking for suitable velvet, doesn't exist in Iceland

Post by Skallinn »

Hi guys.

We're 2 guys here in Iceland, who are working on their Royal Guards uniforms, we've ordered our helmets from Kamino Custom. We're collecting material to build our own forcepikes, and I think we've found the boots (we're going for black boots since we're doing the AOTC Royal Guard).
But we're in a dire situation with our soft cloth materials, there's no velvet to be found in Iceland, nothing but some cheap, stretchy polyester velvet, that's not acceptable. Our tiny outpost only consist of 5 guys, and we 2 are the first ever Royal Guards in Iceland.

So I wanted to ask our fellow Nordic Royal Guards(since Iceland is a nordic nation too) where you got your velvet for the outer and inner cloaks and even, where you got your gloves?

Hope you can help us.

With regards
Jóhann and Gísli Baldur

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Re: 2 RG's looking for suitable velvet, doesn't exist in Ice

Post by 4492 »

If you are going for the Senate Guards, the blue ones, I recommend looking at this forum as well: http://www.forum.rebellegion.com/forum/ ... .php?f=690

Now as for finding good velvet in the Nordic Countries. If you are going for silk velvet I would recommend finding a place in the UK. I have used Beckford Silks - http://www.beckfordsilk.co.uk/product-category/velvet/ and been very happy with their product. The quality of the fabric is just wonderful, and if you are willing to order I think it's more than 10 m you can have it custom dyed exactly the colour you like. I have also ordered silk velvet from Asia through Etsy. The problem with velvet is that it's heavy so the shipping cost usually ends up pretty high.

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Re: 2 RG's looking for suitable velvet, doesn't exist in Ice

Post by Lora Skywalker »

Hmm, I've seen red velvet that could be used in the same shop where I found my senate guard velvet. Shipping will be expensive, but I can look and see if I can still get it if you want.

Stof 2000 if you want to check their website. :)
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