Filling your clone seams

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Filling your clone seams

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One of the worst bits about the clones is trying to get them to be seamless. Once you'ev made each part you need to fill in the joins and then sand them down so they are nice and smooth. I tried lots of different solutions for this (milliput, hot glue etc) but then got a suggestion from someone to use acetone and excess abs plastic. It worked like a charm so here's a very simple guide for you on how to do it...

1. Buy anything that comes in a small glass jar (some jam or something similar).
2. Eat jam.
3. Wash out teh jar completely.
4. Fill the jar about 1/3 full of acetone (can be bought at hardware stores)
5. Take a piece of excess abs (the trimmed off bits from your kit are perfect) and chop it into small pieces (about 1x1cm is good)
6. Put the chopped up bits into the acetone so that they are all submerged.
7. Put on the lid
8. Do something else for about 2 days (watching Star Wars will fill a lot of your time).
9. Stir the goop at the bottom of your jar. If it's very runny then add more abs.
10. Repeat Step 6-9 until you get a fairly thick consistency.
11. Smear the goop into the seams and smooth it out with a wet finger.
12. Leave to dry.
13. Sand away any excess filler.

It's great because it means the filler is eactly the same material as the original parts so you don't get any differences in the painting surface.

Warning: do not put too much goop into the seam. I did that and it took ages to sand it down again. If you do go overbaord then a hand sander can be used to speed things aklong as long as the paper on it is not too coarse.

I'll add some pics when I make my new clone legs.

If the lid is airtight then you can store this stuff for quite some time.
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Re: Filling your clone seams

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I think that it is important to stress that ABS goop is very far from a general-purpose filler. You can not use it to add bulk, modify a shape or to weld pieces of ABS together. Use it only to fill holes!
It shrinks when it dries. If used for the wrong purpose then the shrinkage will warp your armour.
If you lay it on thick enough, then there will be air bubbles in the plastic that will surface when you sand the armour. Done the right way, any bubbles you may get will be so small that they will be filled when you paint over them with primer.
(These things, I learned the hard way...)

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