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Kylo Ren

Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 02:12
by 24046
Hi! Hello! Oh, dear, this is scary... well, here we go! First post. Yeah!

I have been a semi-active non-SW cosplayer for a while, and I've always known that one day I shall be a 501st stormtrooper. Today is not that day. That day will come. Thing is, my long-term goal became utterly subverted by another, because ever since TFA I have been completely unable to put away the thought of rocking out as Kylo Ren. So I'll do it. Come what may.

I figured I might use this costume as an initial bid for 501st. So I've been browsing the guidlines (these, right? : ). It feels brilliant, never had a solution manual for a cosplay before. Lovely!

However, I have one question.

The specifications specify that the outer robe must be tailored to fit the wearer. Now, maybe I've under-researched and not cheched the guidelines closely enough and if that is the case please excuse me because I just suddenly decided to jump into this but does that hold even if the wearer is not a dude?

See, I'm a girly girl (or, well, a womanly woman), and looking like a tall skinny dude just sort of doesn't come naturally to me. I could try sewing it all flat-like, but it would probably look terrible. So I'm going to make the costume, and I'd like to sew it to fit me - not emphasizing anything, but not going out of my way to hide it either. I've done this sort of subtle gender-bend before, and it's worked out pretty well, so I'm going to have a blast with this costume come what may. Now I just wonder, do you guys think this will be ok?

I really hope so. I will be investing serious time and cash in this anyway, and getting to hang with y'all would be such a wonderful bonus.

Re: Kylie Ren

Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 07:01
by 6894
As long its tailor fit and meets the guidelines gender has NO MEANING . We have one girl from norway working on it aswell

Re: Kylie Ren

Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 08:20
by 5573
And the first approved Legion Kylo is a girl too :)

Re: Kylie Ren

Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 08:37
by 2864
I'm happy for you Andrew

Re: Kylie Ren

Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 13:16
by 8224
Welcome to the forum!

I always use a tight sports bra when I need to hide my boobs. Works well and is really comfortable to troop in compared to wired ones! When it comes to tailoring you need to see what kind of seams the costume should have. If it doesn't have any seams around the boob area you are not allowed to make them either. When they say "tailored to fit the user" they mean that it should be your size, correct arm lenght, shoulder width ect., not that your body shape should be highlighted.

Focus on getting the costume as close to the original fit as you can, tight and loose in the same areas as the original. If the original costume is loose, it will not be approved if it is made too tight, and vice versa.