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New questions about Kylo Fabrics and construction

Posted: 06 Mar 2017, 19:29
by KyloZen
Hi! I'm about to start on Kylo's inner tunic, but the most pressing question is the fabric.

Our official description says it is supposed to be of a canvas-type weave (at least on level 2). On Star it says the inner tunic in the movie is made of Cotton duck (Bomullstyg med panamaväv (tuskaft).) Are both ok for the inner tunic or is only the canvas weave? Cotton duck could be interpreted as a kind of canvas, so it might work.
And does it matter which fabric it is made of? I know the piping is supposed to be a twill weave. Does it matter about the fabric there as well? Is for instance cotton, wool or something else to prefer or simply most practical from anyone's experience?

Grateful for any help!

Love, Alexander

Re: New questions about Kylo Fabrics and construction

Posted: 07 Mar 2017, 00:42
by 17113

It doesn't matter much what fabric the sleeves are made of (CRL: "Sleeves are made from matte black canvas or similar natural material."), but try to match the screen used one as much as possible. A light/medium canvas fabric is absolutely fine. For approval, only level 1 counts. The piping isn't mentioned spesifically before level 2, so you could just use regular black piping if you'd like.

If I were you, I'd get as close to the movie as I could within the budget though, just because it would look better. Twill piping isn't harder to put on than regular piping, for instance :-P

Re: New questions about Kylo Fabrics and construction

Posted: 10 Mar 2017, 21:46
by KyloZen
There you are, my Knight of Ren in shining armor! :-)
Very grateful for your answers!
It took some serious time before I understood what piping meant in Swedish too and further time before I knew how to do it.
You are right about the costume: I want to strive to make it as screen accurate as possible, even though I know it's a little more work. But I enjoy the process so much, it shouldn't be any problem. :-)
Only concern is that the Costume reference library keeps changing its instructions. Fortunately, it is only making it easier so far. And it makes me work faster with the outfit. :-)

Again, thank you for a quick and informative answer! :-)