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Old Republic/Original Character jedi help

Posted: 07 Jan 2016, 22:46
by Arkalid

So after years of looking at my friends' cool Star Wars costumes I'm hoping to get a jedi getup made, based on more of the Old Republic style of jedi garments. The problem: I'm horrible at sewing, at least proficiently. Another big problem is that I'm about two meters tall, so that's another issue, especially with boots and stuff like that (main reason I can't/won't go for trilogy characters, since most of the stuff available online is for "normal sized people"). Being a student means that I'm working with a limited budget, so that also is a bit of a concern for me.

So my questions are:
Is there a company or a person who can do custom jedi robes and other garments? I'd prefer Nordic/EU-based craftsmen. What's the average cost for a whole set?

I had the idea of getting a jedi robe with shorter sleeves, much like Master Ven Zallow and other Jedi did during the wars with the sith. Is this allowed, or do I absolutely have to get full-length sleeves for a costume to get accepted?

What are the guidelines on boots? Knee-high, full leather, or are the guidelines more laid back with non-canon/semi-canon characters? It's annoying to find regular shoes at size 47, let alone trying
to get stylized leather boots...

What are the requirements on lightsabers? There are a lot of options online, so which type of lightsaber to choose? Aluminum, plastic? Electronics or no electronics? Since I'm hoping to get an OC made, I understand that movie replicas are a no-go.

What do I have to keep in mind with semi-canon characters? Naturally I need some Old Republic logos here and there, but is there anything else?

If I have a semi-canon jedi made and approved, what are the chances of actually being able to participate in events? I mean are all of the events canon-only, or are there semi-canon events as well?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Re: Old Republic/Original Character jedi help

Posted: 08 Jan 2016, 03:08
by jainafel
Hi and welcome.

If you have an already established character, from any kind of published Star Wars material, in mind (Canon or non-canon), it is approvable. If the character you have in mind, has not been made already by someone else in the Legion, you have to find 2-3 reference pictures from official material of the character. And when you make it, it will have to be as accurate as possible, in accordance to your reference pictures.

If you have a custom Jedi in mind, or what is called a Generic Jedi in the Legion, we have a set of standards with both obligation items to include in your costume, as well as voluntarily. I suggest you look them over. About short sleeves, the standards currently says either long sleeves or no-sleeved Outer Tunic and a long sleeved inner tunic, for the regular Generic Jedi. I am not that familiar with the Old Republic Jedi standards that the Legion has, but you can read them on these links:

List of current standards in the Legion:

SWTOR styled Jedi: ... edi-robes/

KOTOR styled Jedi:

Regular Generic Jedi: ... s-generic/

Unfortunately we don't a semi-canon category.

Concerning attending events, there are different types of events we have, and it will be listed in the signup thread what it is and what the costume requirements for it are. Unless the Event Organizer requests for specific characters, you have a fair chance at attending events.

Hope this was helpful :)

Re: Old Republic/Original Character jedi help

Posted: 08 Jan 2016, 17:46
by Arkalid
Thanks a bunch, jainafel! The links were really helpful. I think I'll try to get a generic Clone Wars-era jedi, since the robes aren't a must have. If the short sleeved robes (when I get them) get accepted, then great. If not, then I'll just build a jedi costume without the robe and use the robe for non-trooping purposes.

So next step would be posting a WIP post on the Rebel Legion forums, I guess. And I also need to actually purchase the garbs and gizmos. Any ideas for this? Where does one purchase good quality jedi costumes or pieces of them? Etsy? Or is there a trusted Garrison quartermaster who accepts commissions?