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Re: Republic Commando "Boss" Build

Posted: 23 Sep 2014, 14:39
by 6215
Ok, I am anyway looking forward to have it ready as soon as possible, for a review by the GML team :)

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" Build

Posted: 02 Mar 2015, 15:31
by SonnyPie
Im just posting here before opening my own post, that i would gladly be part of the RC squad. im new to the NG and i live in Norway. ill make a post about it and since this is a pretty old post, i would like it if you replied on which of the commandos whos not taken, i could always go Omega Squad if all the commandos are taken :)

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" Build

Posted: 03 Apr 2015, 16:03
by 52117
How is the build going? Have you finished it yet?

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" Build

Posted: 28 Aug 2015, 20:51
by 6215
Its finished, need to get it approved.

Moderators, who do I contact for getting it approved?

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" Build

Posted: 31 Aug 2015, 12:08
by 5573
PM the GML and then, once they'v accepted the costume, apply here:

Welcome aboard!

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" Build

Posted: 03 Sep 2015, 00:44
by 6215
I was told the other way, 501st first, and the photos, but now the photos are sent :D

Hoping it will be accepted :)

PS. I know the thighs are a bit low, but its just a quick photo for approval.. it will be adjusted up as high as possible :)

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" FINISHED! Pending approval

Posted: 21 Sep 2015, 16:27
by 6202
Looooks great!
Nice weathering! (tk-comm)

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" FINISHED! Pending approval

Posted: 05 Apr 2016, 00:33
by 6215
Update! I was almost forced to sell the project since I had some money issue but lucky for me I didnt have to let this baby go, so after some time and one approval failed, I am going in for the "kill" with some help on making this up and going again hopefully before the summer begins! :)

Will start slowly on the blaster so I can display it in the time, before the costume is finished.

Technically the suit is finished, but just need to be more "suited" for a skinny person like me, since the GML team though it was maybe bought second hand from someone bigger than me, but its just that the kit is american, therefor Merica size on it :P So it must be adjusted, and then I will be ready and some other twirks for being perfect.

Will be posting "Blaster WIP" pictures and progress tomorrow, as well as maybe a LIVE session by Facebook perhaps :)

Re: Republic Commando "Boss" WIP

Posted: 04 Sep 2018, 06:14
by 6215
A little update after a long while not working on the costume..

Boss is finally approved both as Rebel Legion and 501st! :D
I got some great help by fellow troopers and without them it wouldnt be possible :)