AT-DP Combat Driver costuming

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AT-DP Combat Driver costuming

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I am a new member of this forum, I am from Sweden and a fan of Starwars.

I have always wanted to join the Nordic Garrison, but sadly I lack the time and skill to do so. The only thing I can turn to is costume makers who are willing to make a suit for me at a reasonable price.

I have turned to a bunch and sadly their prices are a bit out of my price range, best offer I have gotten is 445$ for the helmet plus 65$ shipping.
That is not my price range as I seek to find someone who can make a good quality suit in the price range of 500$ at most. I can stretch it if the quality is very good.
I am sorry that I have to ask this of you all, but I very much want a suit of my own to attend events and charities.

If you are a costume maker or know someone who would be willing to make a quality suit in that price range, please do not hesitate to contact me
either through here or my email:

Please check the picture below for the suit and color variant I am looking for.

Thank you for looking through my post, Long live the Empire!


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Re: AT-DP Combat Driver costuming

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Alright... I guess here is where I step in.

Hello you driver costume enthusiast, welcome to NG forums.

I believe we already had a conversation by mail recently.

We don't really make costumes for others, we help people to find what they are looking for.

The costume you want have a very limited field makers unfortunately, I know because I had to pay the price as well. What I know there are two different makers of the helmet, but if you want the entire armor kit you'll have to go to KW designs. Hopefully there'll be more maker options in the future, but as it looks now over at the ACD forum, there isn't.
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