Painting on Rubber

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Painting on Rubber

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I need some help what kind of paint would be good to use on Rubber (dooku)

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Re: Painting on Rubber

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In general, more of the the same kind of rubber, with pigments.

Otherwise, it could be difficult and different paints are different on different types of rubber.
Most of all, the paint should be flexible like the surface it is painted onto.
The best is always to have the rubber piece cast with the correct pigments from the start.

What kind of rubber is it?

On latex, you could use acrylic paints. Or mix acrylic paints with latex, maybe diluted with water. Thin paints are best, because paint is harder than rubber. Latex/paint mix dries in the paint's colour, not the wet mix's lighter colour.

Older Clone Troopers costumes have belts of urethane rubber painted with Plasticdip, but it tends to flake. There have been other tricks and products (Vinyl Dye spray) that may be hard to find. Newer belts are almost always cast white from the beginning.

Plastics can often be coloured with fabric dye, but the result varies depending on the dye: you can only dye darker and sometimes the result is somewhat different from the colour on the package, such as "black" dye producing a brown result. RIT and Dylon are known brands.

Silicone bonds only to silicone.

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