Sith lord WIP

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Sith lord WIP

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My name is Fredric and i usually troop as Umbrella Corporation soldier on our conventions for those who dont know me.

Some already knows of this build so its only fun to share the news.
Someone told me we lack Vaders so i am hoping i can contribute with this build.
Iv been wanted to do a Vader for as long as i can remember. My first thought was to make a ROTS Vader but i never really started it. Vader isn't a cheap build.
Then recently i got my hands on a almost full set of Anovos ESB set from a fellow trooper in NG. Iv been reading abit on the sith forums and i know there are very divided opinions on Anovos parts.
The parts i have tho i think look good without being an expert.

So here are the parts as followed.

Helmet: Anovos
Shoulders/armor: Anovos
Body Suit: Anovos onepiece
Robe/Cape set: Anovos
Gloves: Anovos
Shins: Anovos
Boots: I have boots that iv been told should be ok for basic aprovement. Have to look this up tho
Cod: Anovos
Hilt: Bought a ESB convertet saber from Darth Jal and just got it in the mail.

Not yet recived:

Shipped and on the way:
Chest box: Portumacs aluminum chest box (Was first thinking of the resine version but changed my mind for the abit more expensive with aluminum)
Belt/buckle/Boxes: Portumacs

So as i write this i am only waiting for the last parts to arrive. Then its hopefully just some small adjustments and tweaking that stands in the way of a approved ESB (vader) suit.

Hope to join the ranks soon as a NG trooper too and not just Reel Icons even if thats fun too.

NG Troops: 20
RI Troops: 15

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