Nordic Garrison Command Team

While all members of Nordic Garrison are of equal value, there are a number of administrative jobs that must be handled by specific people. The command team help keep Nordic Garrison functioning like the well-oiled machine it is.

GCO – Commanding Officer
TK 31700
Magnus Lönn

GXO – Executive Officer
TB 85023
Jessica Pedro

GML – Garrison Membership Liason
BH 99665
Daniel Melin

GWL – Garrison Web Liason
SL 5573
Andrew Walker

GPR – Garrison Public Relations Officer
SL 4918
Janne Sandin

GEC – Garrison Event Coordinator
TK 24269
Andreas Engstrom

GWM – Garrison Webmaster
SL 5573
Andrew Walker

GMB – Garrison Merchandising & Branding Officer
SL 66669
Richard Desiatnik